Delivering the same message and vision with a new company.

Posted on 2011/11/06 by Jeremy Archuleta

The progress of high-throughput next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) shows no signs of slowing down and in several areas shows even further expansion. After nearly two years of devoted full-time energy bringing the cloud to large-scale sequence search I can confidently say that SeqCentral, the company, was a successful minimum viable product.

To sustain this momentum and place my ideas and technology into laboratories across a diverse customer base, I've joined Appistry, an enterprising company with a vision towards personalized medicine nearly identical to my own. In my new role as Lead Architect - Federal, my position enables me to focus on delivering critical technologies to the critical institutes and centers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the scientists funded by the NIH.

With so much focus and hype in the startup world often centered around companies formed in Silicon Valley, it is easy to forget that scientific work predominantly occurs beyond the Valley in geographically disparate "silos". The internet and cloud computing can bridge this gap and bring high-performance computing infrastructure into the hands of each scientist if and only if the data policies of the experiment and institute are still upheld.

As it stands today, the glacial bureaucracy in the Federal government ensures that cloud-based NGS analysis remains confined only to the genomic cognoscenti.

It is my passion and resolve, now with Appistry as Lead Architect - Federal, to deliver SeqCentral's message and vision of cost-effective, large-scale, DNA and protein analysis to life scientists and healthcare professionals.

Jeremy Archuleta
Founder, SeqCentral Lead Architect - Federal, Appistry